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About: Fusion Video Coverage

Fusion = video + stills for Weddings, Engagements and Bridals

Here’s a behind-the-scenes shot of my Jayse rockin’ out some video:

How it works:
I still focus on what I do best – capturing still imagery.

My incredibly talented other half, Jayse, (I finally found a way to bring him on board, yay!) rocks out the video end of things. He’s still doing film and TV work so this will be offered at limited times subject to his production schedule. But he’s as excited about it as I am!

Jayse’s workflow is also very unique when compared to how typical wedding videos are done. He’s gets in close – he shoots in a similar style to the photography (because he is a photographer). In fact, Jayse doesn’t even use a video camera. He captures everything with his modified cinema-capable DSLR camera – the famous Canon 5D Mark II to be precise (used on the sets of Harry Potter, Iron Man II and numerous other feature films). He also uses film industry standard software and hardware to edit, color-tone, and render. What you end up with is a short music-video length piece that tells the story of the day.

Who it’s for:
Fusion is great for couples who are on the edge about having video. It’s for people who don’t want the typical wedding videos and want something unique – more interesting and more dynamic!

Fusion can be used for engagements sessions, weddings, bridals or trash the dress sessions. In fact I’m in love with the idea of doing fusion for engagement sessions – especially if we plan out a themed one! Kory and Trent’s engagement fusion (click here to check it out) was totally rockstar. I’d love to also do vintage, class, and even, gasp, horror, for the right kind of couple. It all depends on your personality. It works awesome as a unique save-the-date, or can even be played at the reception as a fun surprise for family and friends!

Fusion has been officially added to my new 2010 wedding catalog! Contact me for more details and to see if fusion coverage would be a good fit to add to your shoot!