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Hey everyone! I know it gets pretty hectic this time of year for a lot of us! So I just wanted to take some time to slow down, sip some peppermint hot chocolate with Jayse and our puppy Bella, and wish you all a magic holiday season, with an especially happy New Year.

2013 Christmas in the Desert2013 Christmas in the DesertHope your holidays are a BLAST! ;-) *and be careful when roasting chestnuts!
2013 Christmas in the Desert

Past holiday cards: Christmas in the Desert!


There’s nothing quite like exploring new parts of the world with my favorite person! And Jayse and I are very blessed in that not only do we both have careers built around doing what we love, but our work also take us around the globe.

This past December an opportunity came up for Jayse to speak about his film work (Avengers, Planet of the Apes, 2012) at a conference in Russia. Just three weeks after finding out, we were on our way to Moscow for an exciting new adventure! And I can’t imagine a more perfect time to travel there. Yes, it was FREEZING (and admittedly we’re total wimps when it comes to cold weather)… And yes, we looked like eskimos in our big down jackets… But it was SO worth it to see Moscow in the wintertime. It’s absolutely magical when it snows and they had just put up the Christmas decorations in Red Square. :-)

Since we spent a lot of time walking, we didn’t want to carry a ton of gear. Instead, we spent the majority of the time playing with our iPhones and Jayse’s little Panasonic Gf3 and were able to put together a fun little personal video from our vacation footage that I’d love to share:

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Years with those you love the most! :-)

Chels, Jayse and Bella

What a crazy few months it’s been! Towards the fall of last year my amazingly talented BF, Jayse got a job offer to take a lead screen-graphic design role in Marvel’s The Avengers (coming out this week)! The only catch was it required him to come to Los Angeles to work. Though we’re admittedly both workaholics and each run our own separate businesses, we’re used to working across from each other and love being around each other every day. So this was a BIG change. Luckily it came at a time of year when a lot of my work could be done remotely from our little temporary home in California. But the months ahead still consisted of many many weekend trips back-and-forth between from Vegas to L.A. for meetings and photo-shoots. During that time Bella became my official road trip buddy. She had the drill down pat: grab favorite teddy bear, jump into passenger seat, have momma put on special seat-belt, lay down, sleep, watch momma stop for Mad Greek, get some doggie treats, sleep some more all the way home:

It was an extremely busy few months for the both of us, so once we were officially back home Jayse and I decided to steal a little vacation time for just the two of us! We didn’t have a lot of time to plan so we just packed up and drove off in style in Jayse’s awesome 350Z. We did the Pacific Coast Highway drive – planning everything from my iPad as we drove with windows down, breathing deep to take in the fresh sea air. It was the perfect get-away – leaving both of us refreshed and recharged!

Here’s some photos (taken with my trusty iPhone) from our trip:

Wow, what a year! Huge thanks and virtual hugs to all my amazing couples, friends and family that made this year absolutely incredible! I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to blog much, but you can be sure that I have TONS of images that I can’t wait share with you (coming very soon).

For now, I want to take a moment to wish everyone a happy Christmas! For the last few years Jayse and I have been making personal holiday cards with the theme of “Christmas in the Desert.” Here’s the photos from this years card:

I hope you have a magical Christmas and New Years with the ones you love the most! 2012 here we come! :-)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas & New Years filled with all your favorite things, people and puppies!

Chelsea, Jayse & Bella