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Our Proposal Story!

Hello friends!

With Christmas just a few days away I wanted to share our Dec 25th proposal story with you! What started out as our favorite day, surrounded by our favorite people, turned out to be much much more!

Jayse and I started Christmas day off right by hosting a party for our entire family. It was the first time both of our families could come together on the the same day, so it was definitely a very special day. Here we are prepping all the fixin’s together!

Now, I know I may LOOK like a pink-haired Martha Stewart here, but the sad truth is, I have no idea how she does it. I can’t cook boiled water. Even toasters and waffle-makers amaze me. Blenders mystify. Crock pots… no words!

So, hosting BOTH families for Christmas was kind of a big deal. As in: TERRIFYING.

And, as I was trying to ‘keep it together’, Jayse and all of my ‘help’ kept sneaking off. “Where IS everybodyyyyy?” I’d think, standing alone, oven mitts on both hands. Of course, I couldn’t guess what was happening behind the scenes.

Jayse was planning to serenade me with love songs on the piano, with the family all gathered around and pop the big question with all of our favorite people around to witness it.

But, that was the furthest thought from my mind. All I was thinking was, how long do I bake this dish for without burning it?

After dinner though, the true strangeness began…

As we began to gather around the tree to start opening gifts, my uncle suddenly announced: Change of plans: Jayse was going to play the piano and everyone should IMMEDIATELY go into the piano room. I thought, “Oh, okay, cool! Christmas songs!”

As we gathered, Jayse started playing a NON Christmas song and I actually got a little annoyed. “Hey! Everybody wants to hear Christmas songs baby! Why aren’t you playing a Christmas song?”

But he just smiled patiently, ignored me and continued playing. It was a song called “The Book of Love.”

“The book of love has music in it. In fact, it’s where music comes from. Some of it is transcendental, and some of it is really dumb. But I love it… when you sing to me. You can sing me anything.”

It’s true. Throughout the 15 years of our relationship, Jayse and I have always sat side by side on the piano, and sang terribly together. It’s kind of our thing.

But by the time he transitioned into “Say you will.” I began to figure out what was happening. He sang so sweetly. in his slightly off-key voice, straining to hit the high notes. It made me love him all the more. He actually sang it quite well. But, then… then I thought it… I know, I’m vain, but I admit it: I thought “Wait! I’m not dressed for this!”

To explain: I had purchased THE cutest holiday dress, which Jayse had earlier gently suggested I change into, but in the buzz and madness of preparing our holiday ‘feast’, I stayed in… wait for it…

An “On the Naughty List” sweater and oversized snowflake slippers… with fur cuffs! And boy was I sweating underneath that sweater when I realized what was going on!

Before I knew it, Jayse grabbed my hand and rushed me into the living room next to our tree. From there it all went by in one big, happy blur. And suddenly, he was down on one knee, tears in eyes, box in hand with the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen. I fell to my knees to give him the BIGGEST hug! And with tear-filled eyes, I said a very heartfelt YES!

In just nine short months, we will be officially tying the knot in Santorini Greece, and I could NOT be more excited to marry my favorite person! Jayse, I love you so much and can’t wait for you to be my HUSBAND!!!

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