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How to Set + CRUSH Your Goals

Have you given up on goals? You might not be crazy. Out of the roughly 40% of people who set goals at the beginning of the year, only 8% actually achieve them.  That’s saaaaad. A smart person would definitely start to ask: are goals even worth setting?

But I have a better question for you. Are you WORKING your goals the right way? I mean, in a way that actually keeps them front-of-mind and leads you skipping to the finish line? Maybe the problem isn’t setting goals – Maybe the problem is simply the faulty workflow you have for achieving them. 

I mean, it’s February already – if you set goals, how are you doing on yours so far!? Be honest! ;-)

I know the extreme frustration and disappointment of having this bright vibrant vision for the year ahead:  and then getting to the end and thinking “What happened? Where’d the time go?”

Trust me, I’ve been there. So becoming more intentional and strategic about my goal setting has become an obsession over the years. As much as I love making big crazy goals, I LOVVVE checking them off even more! 

So from experience here’s my current favorite way to of both setting and, more important, sticking with your goals all year long!!

What kind of year could this be for you if you could take what sounds so cool at the beginning of it, and actually do it. Make it a reality. CRUSH it.

You’ve got a lot to give this year. Don’t hold back. Try something different. Less things. Smaller time frames. More action.

>>> DOWNLOAD <<< the free companion workbook & get started right away! Let’s crush this #GOALPROBLEM and make this the BEST YEAR EVER.