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Hey everyone! I know it gets pretty hectic this time of year for a lot of us! So I just wanted to take some time to slow down, sip some peppermint hot chocolate with Jayse and our puppy Bella, and wish you all a magic holiday season, with an especially happy New Year.

2013 Christmas in the Desert2013 Christmas in the DesertHope your holidays are a BLAST! ;-) *and be careful when roasting chestnuts!
2013 Christmas in the Desert

Past holiday cards: Christmas in the Desert!


Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Years with those you love the most! :-)

Chels, Jayse and Bella

Wow, what a year! Huge thanks and virtual hugs to all my amazing couples, friends and family that made this year absolutely incredible! I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to blog much, but you can be sure that I have TONS of images that I can’t wait share with you (coming very soon).

For now, I want to take a moment to wish everyone a happy Christmas! For the last few years Jayse and I have been making personal holiday cards with the theme of “Christmas in the Desert.” Here’s the photos from this years card:

I hope you have a magical Christmas and New Years with the ones you love the most! 2012 here we come! :-)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas & New Years filled with all your favorite things, people and puppies!

Chelsea, Jayse & Bella

Merry Christmas Everyone!

However you celebrate this special time, I hope it’s wonderful, magical special and bright! But most of all – I hope you get to spend time with the ones that you love. A few of our friends don’t even get to do that. There really is simply no better gift than the gift of getting to spend hectic mornings, rainy days, conversations in traffic and nights curled up on the couch together. But yeah, those little material gifts definitely rock too!

Now we’re off to go downstairs, turn on all our lights, sip some hot chocolate (“marshmallow-lovers”-style!) and tear open some Christmas presents!

But before we do that – I just wanted to say to everyone following this little blog – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Christmas in Las Vegas!

And HERE is the Christmas card Jayse and I designed this year. We had them printed up on a very lovely pearl stock through White House Custom Color, and had custom stamps to match featuring lil Bella. Bellow is the front, middle-spread and back. I think it’s clear: Bella had way too much fun making these.

Our 2009 Holiday card | Made with love

Okay enough writing! Now on to the presents! Much love from Jayse, Bella, and me…