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Behind the Scenes: Malibu Beach TTD

A few people have said they really enjoyed the behind-the-scenes videos I do, and I aim to please! So here’s a little one Jayse recently put together with some quick video footage taken on our little video cam while out in California for Leah and Chase’s trash the dress.

Leah and Chase: A Trash the Dress in Malibu with Chelsea Nicole from jayse on Vimeo.

  • August 22, 2009 - 8:59 am

    Matt H - OMG that looks like such fun! It’s amazing to see how you do this stuff – looks like a pretty good way to spend a day!

  • August 22, 2009 - 9:42 am

    Steven Pihl - WOW, Chelsea you are a very talents woman, you are amazing what you do with your camera……..

  • August 22, 2009 - 2:43 pm

    Christina - now this is the epitome of trash the dress!!! what troopers these guys were! how daring and fun!

  • August 22, 2009 - 10:03 pm

    Suzi Lighten - Chelsea and Jayse you both are so incredibly talented! The images and the video rock my socks off!

  • August 23, 2009 - 12:19 pm

    Juliet Douglas - Chelsea & Jayse – I LOVE THIS! You guys are so awesome! You were dressed for winter and poor Leah was in a thin dress. What a trooper! Love the behind-the-scenes. Any chance we can get him to do this for us on October 3rd (it doesn’t hurt to ask)? ;)

  • August 23, 2009 - 4:27 pm

    Daniel Balboa - Smokin’ HOT! Loved it!

  • August 24, 2009 - 6:28 am

    David Apuzzo - Great video Chelsea.

    BTW, I’ve been following your photos for a bit now, great work :)

  • August 25, 2009 - 6:56 am

    jael deyoung - thank you for sharing that….it is absolutely beautiful. LOVED it!

  • August 25, 2009 - 7:39 am

    Mike - You shoot with the Nikon D700 – I’m impressed. Quality. If I had one I wouldn’t have the guts to take it the places you do! Did it survive!??

  • August 25, 2009 - 7:59 am

    chels - Yes, my camera survived! There will be no trash the camera. ;)

  • August 25, 2009 - 11:29 am

    Chase - Chelsea I can’t believe all the incredible things you keep surprising Leah and I with!! This is absolutely awesome (thanks Jayse!) Finally I can show Leah’s friends the huge size of the wave that hit her on that rock. So. Much. Fun.

  • August 25, 2009 - 11:54 am

    Leah - Oh my goodness!! This is such a blast to watch, and remember how much fun the shoot was with you guys :) The waves on that rock were HUGGGEE looking back on it, haha. Thanks again to both Chelsea and Jayse for such amazing photos, and such a great time. I would do it again in a heartbeat!!

  • August 27, 2009 - 6:06 am

    Stephanie - LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! And I love the pic of them kissing on the beach. That would be a perfect picture to place over the master bed!

  • September 3, 2009 - 2:31 pm

    Sarah Lee - Chelsea WOW! I’ve never seen this done before and man WOW. Really inspiring. I love how the clip is put together. Such as it shows you going for a shot and then it shows that shot totally awesome! Very well done!

  • September 12, 2009 - 10:06 am

    Jeff - Incredible and inspiring! Nice work!

  • September 23, 2009 - 7:05 am

    Chelsea Patricia - Damn.

    Those are some AWESOME images, Chels.

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