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Miranda + Ryan

Love is sweet! So sweet, that it should come as no surprise that love could come along in one of the most unlikely of places: the candy aisle of the supermarket. For Miranda and Ryan, what started as an ordinary day turned into one that wont soon be forgotten when while out shopping Ryan spotted Miranda and knew he had to get to know her. Conversation was first sparked over the somewhat important matter of what flavor of M&M’s should be purchased. Miranda recommended the ‘chocolate-orange’ flavor, which Ryan purchased (though he later admitted his dislike of orange-flavored candies). From there, Ryan followed Miranda about the store making small chat as they shopped, and in the end scored her number. It’s a great thing he did, because I think it’s clear to see how perfect these two are together – from their magnetic smiles to their happy lovers glow. Here’s some photos from our time together.

Miranda and Ryan

Ryan’s a pilot, and brought his uniform all the way from Australia for a few images!

Miranda and RyanMiranda and RyanMiranda and Ryan

Miranda and RyanMiranda and RyanMiranda and RyanMiranda and RyanShoutout goes to Janine and LaVey at Your Beauty Call for Miranda’s gorgeous hair and makeup. Love these girls!Miranda and RyanMiranda and RyanMiranda and RyanMiranda and RyanMiranda and RyanM+R: Got your little package in the mail a couple days ago. :-) Thanks so much for the sweet note and chocolates (YUM!!) It was so thoughtful and very appreciated. I’m so happy I had the chance to get to know you guys and I cherish our time together. Hope to see you again on a future trip out west! Congrats again and much love from Vegas!! xo

  • March 25, 2013 - 12:12 pm

    LaVey - love these!

  • March 25, 2013 - 7:41 pm

    Charee - Gorgeous photos – gorgeous couple! The desert floor and lighting is so dreamy!

  • March 25, 2013 - 11:32 pm

    Mir - The most amazing day and most amazing photos ever! You were so much fun Chelsea! xx

  • March 29, 2013 - 1:49 am

    Debbie - Stunning photography, gives me goosebumps! You have captured their love and happiness perfectly!

  • March 29, 2013 - 2:14 am

    Donna White - Stunning photos, worthy of a front cover shot on any bridal mag. My nephew and his new bride look amazing and so in love.

  • March 29, 2013 - 1:50 pm

    Susie Burns - Dear Ryan and Miranda
    Adorable moments of your wedding day artistically captured. These photos portrait a couple in love. Wishing you both a lifetime of more happy memories both preserved in photos and stored in your hearts. Love Susie and Burnsie x

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